How do we get started?
Begin the process of selecting a builder. Don't wait. The sooner you get a professional builder involved, the sooner you can start to benefit from the builder's experience. Our new clients range from those with a set of completed plans to those starting with only an idea. We have worked well in either of those situations. Although the generalities are similar, the particulars on each customer are different. Based on your particulars, we can discuss what would be the next best step for you.

Why is it best to get a builder
involved early?

The Design Stage is the best time for us to get involved not only because it saves time and money, but we can also better succeed at hitting a predetermined budget amount. While concept and design are typically the architect's strengths, detailed pricing knowledge is not. Preliminary estimates are key in this scenario. Early detailed planning and budgeting will prevent the costly process of Re-draw. "Value Engineering" is another aspect to consider here. Value Engineering is a word thrown around a lot these days, but simply put, Value Engineering is designing into your plans the best return on your dollar as well as putting your money into amenities that are important to you.


Do we need to retain our own architect?
Yes. We can provide referrals for preferred architects or can work with whomever you choose. Be sure to interview the architect and ask for references. The financial relationship with you and the architect is yours. We will be happy to be involved with design input if desired.

Should we get an interior decorator involved?
Yes, if your time is limited or you don't feel comfortable making the finish selections yourself. We can help you with this. But if you choose not to employ an interior decorator, you will be afforded all of the benefits of our exclusive Owners Process Guide (OPG). The OPG is a detailed selection process implementing progress meetings, selection schedules and time benchmarks. The OPG affords the customer the peace of mind of knowing both what is expected of them and the timeline for each task.

How are final costs estimated?
Upon the completion of the Bid Set of Plans we prepare a final estimate. We include Terbrock Carpentry and General Labor in all estimates and put all other sub commitments out for bid. All estimates are presented in a categorized, line item format. All cost are categorized as either "Base" items or "Allowance" items. Base items are hard costs and Allowance items are budgetary numbers. Allowances are used for items that have not yet been selected and are usually difficult to predict. Examples include plumbing fixtures, light fixtures and appliances. Experience has taught us that most of our clients will make changes and upgrades, well into the building process. Therefore, with you, we create a prudent Allowance Budget to provide for these contingencies.

Can we use our own vendors/suppliers?
Yes, on Allowance items. As noted, they include items such as appliances, landscaping, flooring, cabinetry and electrical fixtures. However, suppliers with whom we're not familiar must be subject to approval - for your safety. If approved, special conditions may apply.

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